2009. december 31., csütörtök

Hungarian Quran translation project


The biggest Hungarian Islam online community, the iszlam.com started in October 2009 a new Quran translation project. I am the leader of this project. Our work divides to 4 parts.

1. 4 sisters translate the English Quran translations to Hungarian language (We take the King Fahd Complex English translations, and also the Ali Ünal English Quran translation as basis. We are using the Ibn Kathir tafsir to the interpretation).
2. I am checking, editing and unifying the Hungarian translations made by our sisters.
3. My wife is checking the texts from Hungarian language point of view.
4. Dr. Adel Alsabahi will check the texts from Arabic language and from religious point of views insha Allah.

Our sisters could translate 750 ayas in 8 weeks since we started our Quran translation project, and I could check and unify 450 ayas in this time.

Together with the the earlier translated, and published texts we are finished the:
41% of the translation (2536 ayas)
21% of the editing, unifying (1326 ayas)
11% of the Hungarian language proofreading (669 ayas)
24 % of the religious proofreading (1488 ayas)

This is 24 % of the whole project.

The English translation, editing and unifying takes about 40 weeks insha Allah. The religious proofreading takes 40 weeks more insha Allah. This is altogether 80 weeks, ca. one and a half year insha Allah. This time we need, if we will get founds to our work. If not, it takes even more time.

2009. július 5., vasárnap

The situation of the Hungarian Quran Translation in 2009

Almost two years since I started this blog. The “Quran” situation is in Hungary even worth.
In Hungary at this time there is no full Quran translation. In some second-hand book shops you can buy the full translation of the Quran made by Robert Simon. However Robert Simon is not muslim, just a doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and for that reason he used the scientific, and not the religious interpretation of the Quran. For that reason this translation has a lot of religious error. The translation of Robert Simon was published 4 times at the Helikon publishing house in 1987, 1994, 1997, and last time in 2001. Since that time this book is shortage goods in the bookshops and in the second hand bookshops too. The publisher isn’t planning new edition from this book, coz the invested money got to slowly back. So we can say: today you can not buy (or get) a full Hungarian Quran translation.
There was a muslim translation made by Balázs Mihálffy, but this there is no more, and this edition had a lot of lingual and religious error too. (You can download here: http://mek.oszk.hu/06500/06534/ )
Some parts of the Quran you can read or download from the internet (for example: islam.com), but for a full Quran translation you have to wait.
One Hungarian Foundation and one Hungarian Community started the translation from the beginning in 2008, but at least three years finish the full job. There is more partly translated text at the Islam communities, but these translation are not ready for the publishing.
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